About MOKO

MOKO is a global company that has been in business for 17 years. We have unparalleled experience and expertise in product design engineering and development, supplier network management, manufacturing, personalization and fulfillment. Our network includes over 200 suppliers.

Our customized solutions are engineered and manufactured for consumer electronics, transportation, beauty, health&fitness, agriculture, industrial control and BMS. We have wide expertise with IoT technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, SigFOX, LoraWAN… and we are leading the industry in providing NB-IOT solutions..

We bring world-class products to global markets and reduce risks for our partners. Quality, sustainability, cost, and time-to market are always at the forefront of our solutions.

Our Team

We are over 300 employees strong. We have an R & D team with more than 70 engineers, leveraging more than 17 years of experience in embedded design. We are focused on results and have the experience and expertise to deliver unique services that help our customers get products to market. Our purpose is Developing Partnership Delivering Peace of Mind. Our values are passion, integrity and teamwork.


The foundation of teamwork is communication, collaboration and respect. We view our customers and suppliers as partners and team members. We share information and ideas freely and we listen to each other. We value constructive feedback and different perspectives.