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Real Time Ieee 2013-2014 Projects On Embedded Systems
Microcontrollers / verwerkers:

ARM7, Arm9, Arm11, Arm Cortex-a8
Avr, Pic, Psoc, Arduino, Freescale


Embedded C
Assembly Language

Softwares :

Linux – Ubuntu
Linux – Android
Linux – Fedora
Linux – Wince
Rt Linux
Express Pcb

Hardware :

Beagle Bone Series
Raspberry Pi Series
Friendlyarm Samsung
Atmel, Atmega Series
Arduino Series
3g Module, Wifi, Zigbee, Gprs
Ecg, Eeg, Spo2, Fprs, Usb Camera
Gsm, Rfid, Rf, Rf Pro

Domains :

Wireless Sensor Networks
Dip Embedded Applications
Dsp Embedded Applications
Wireless Communications
Tele Communications
Touch Screen
Control Panel
Industrial Automation
Control Systems, Etc.

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BeagleBone Swart winste $50 4.3-duim cap touchscreen Kaap

BeagleBone Swart winste $50 4.3-duim cap touchscreen Kaap


BeagleBone Swart Wireless lewend ontwikkeling

Oor die onderwerp van ontwikkeling borde, it’s not just about the Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Die TI-vriendelike BeagleBone is daar in die mengsel, ook, veg vir jou oorweging

Which is a good reason to mention some developments around the BeagleBone Black single-board PC: there is the latest version and two new Capes from the BeagleBone team.

Afgesien van die BeagleBone Swart Wireless (listed below), you will also discover two fresh ‘cape’ add-on boards for the existing BeagleBone Black.

BeagleBone Swart Wireless

Foremost, the BeagleBone Black Wireless, wat is basies 'n BeagleBone Swart met in geboude 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth. Dit is volgende in die roete van die Framboos Pi 3 deur die bou in Wi-Fi ondersteun om te de-stress draadlose kommunikasie.

Sy enjin is die Texas Instruments Sitara AM3358 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8

"Net soos die BeagleBone Swart, die draadlose bewaar HDMI-uitset, serial debug hawe, PC USB koppelvlak, USB 2.0 gasheer, herstel en krag beheer sleutels, and offers two extra status LEDs for WiFi and Bluetooth,"Skryf

“Likewise retained is the 4GB of built in eMMC memory with Debian Linux preinstalled, which allows the BeagleBone Wireless to boot in around Ten seconds and have you developing on your internet browser in less than Five minutes utilizing basically a single USB cable.”

You’ll discover the particulars of the board by expanding the photograph previously mentioned, and a data sheet is here for download.

Let daarop dat dit dui op die bekendstelling van die octavo OSD3358 SIP, insluitend BeagleBone funksies in een BGA pakket.

Look at its functions and perks from this hyperlink

Given that we’re talking about mastercard-dimensions peices of kit, space is required to be made for latest features. This means this particular BeagleBone has lost its 10/100 Ethernet-poort, making space for a TI WL1835 WiLink wi-fi interface.

The entire specs:

:: AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8
:: SGX530 grafiese versneller
:: NEON swaai-punt versneller
:: 2x Pru 32bit 200Megahertz mikro-beheerders

verbinding funksies
:: WiLink 1835 802.11b / g / n 2,4 WiFi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Smart Module
:: USB kliënt: krag, ontfout en toestel
:: USB gasheer
:: Mikro hoë definisie multimedia koppelvlak uitset
:: 2x 46 pen kop

:: 512MB DDR3 800MHz RAM geheue
:: 4GB Inlaid eMMC Flash with Debian Linux Distribution pre-installed
:: microSD kaart slot

Software Compatibility
:: Debian
:: Android
:: Ubuntu
:: Cloud9 IDE op Node.js w / BoneScript biblioteek

Not forgetting the the 2 nuwe kape ...

Wireless Kaap byvoeging

Be aware that the new Wireless Cape takes BeagleBone Black further than the abilities of BeagleBone Black Wireless, beskryf Steve Bush in sy nuus stuk oor die vrylating. It’s based on Texas Instruments WiLink 8 (WL1837) industriële dubbele-band (2.4GHz plus 5GHz), 2× 2 MIMO Wi-Fi, Bluetooth en Bluetooth Smart (ook bekend as Bluetooth LE), which moreover includes Zigbee as well as NFC.

The cape is offered with Debian Linux Distribution pre-installed and 4GB of built in eMMC Flash memory. “Designers can be developing employing their internet browser in less than Five minutes by using one USB cable,"Het Farnell.

Display Cape byvoeging

Note there is an additional Display cape add-on conveniently obtainable. It carries connections for a 4.3in. color touch-screen an LED backlight and capacitive overlay “for a phone-like interface”.

The cape is targeted on interactive projects, embedded systems and stand-alone installments.


Cost is roughly £55 for the BeagleBone Black Wireless, £35 for the display cape add-on in addition £44 for the wireless cape add-on .

Purchase on Amazon . com site

BeagleBone Swart Wireless Starter Kit- sluit : BeagleBone Swart Wireless Met WiFi en Bluetooth–duidelik Case–Kragtoevoer–Mikro USB Cable

Ons het honderde van kliënte wêreldwyd bedien en jou volgende vennoot kan ons wees. ons is almal ingestel om jou besigheid of projek na die volgende vlak te bring!

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