Wireless Black Box Project with mms arm9 mems-NanoCdac

IEEE Embedded Projects on ARM9 / 11/CORTEX A8 hot Real Time Ieee 2013-2014 Projects On Embedded Systems visit www.nanocdac.com Microcontrollers / Processors: Arm7, Arm9, Arm11, Arm Cortex-a8 Avr, Pic, Psoc, Arduino, Freescale Languages: C/c++ Embedded C Assembly Language Perl Python Softwares : Linux – Ubuntu Linux – Android Linux – Fedora Linux – Wince Qt […]

IoT Prototyping & DevKit Tour

In this whirlwind tour you see the following: – Arduino Uno – Arduino Pro Mini – Light Blue Bean (flashing using the Bean Loader) and Arduino IDE – mbed NXP LPC 1768 (mbed online IDE) – Spark Core (online IDE and local development) – BeagleBone Black (briefly) – Raspberry Pi (reading Bluetooth sensor data, broadcasting […]

The RPiCluster

Documentation, Source code, and EagleCAD designs: https://bitbucket.org/jkiepert/rpicluster Summary: The RPiCluster is a 33 node Beowulf cluster built using Raspberry Pis (RPis). During my dissertation work at Boise State University I had need of a cluster to run a distributed simulation I’ve been developing. The RPiCluster is the result. Each of the 33 RPi is overclocked […]

Newtonian Telescope with Electronic Starchart

BeagleBone Black + Telescope = More productive galaxy gazing (1) The telescope was built out of birch wood at a local woodshop. The parabolic mirror and secondary were purchased on the internet (I’m too lazy to grind my own mirror.) (2) The electronics are: BeagleBone Black with wifi dongle, a portable battery, 2 rotary softpots […]

Wifi_Direct 第一次測試播放音樂_Sub (Android to Linux)

Wifi_Direct 初階段測試播放音樂 開發板:BeagleBone Black 網卡:訊舟(Edimax EW-7811Un) 網卡晶片驅動: Realtek RTL8192CU Wifi Direct P2P_UI使用來源:Realtek 驅動Sample Code 開發板播放程式來源: http://tinyurl.com/n7o86rj RASPBERRY PI UPNP MEDIA PLAYER (GMediaRender ) 測試手機:Nexus5 (Root) 測試手機播放軟體來源: http://tinyurl.com/cfr3hlu BubbleUPnP (Chromecast/DLNA) (免費版本) source BeagleBone Black gains $50 4.3-inch cap touchscreen Cape BeagleBone Black gains $50 4.3-inch cap touchscreen Cape BeagleBone Black Wireless speeds development In terms of […]

Video Mini-Teclado sem fio Raspberrypi Cubieboard Lojamundi

Para comprar acesse: http://www.lojamundi.com.br/2-4ghz-rii-mini-teclado-sem-fio-touchpad-pc-e-android.html Esta é uma combinação maravilhosa de 2.4GHz Wireless Mini teclado QWERTY e TouchPad com adaptador USB. Funções para alterar slides e opções de tela para escrever na tela enfatizando palavras e objetos usando apenas este mini teclado e mouse sem fio com touchpad. Perfeito para PC, Pad, TV Android, Google TV, […]

MOKO Tech – Qualified Electronic Board Service Company

MOKO Tech – Qualified Electronic Board Service Company Electronic Board Fabrication Services Being one of prime Electronic Board producers situated in China, MOKO Tech continues to be offering multinational market with quickturn premium quality Electronic Board prototype to production services at a low price for Fourteen years. To provide people with added qualified and highly […]

3D solder paste inspection system HC 7

source Exactly why is Solder Paste Inspection Indispensable? Solder Paste Inspection is usually accomplished to check the solder paste deposits in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabricating course of action. It is known that almost all the solder joint defects in a PCB assembly are owing to the wrong type of solder paste printing. By […]

MOKO Technology – Experienced PCB Company

MOKO Technology – Experienced PCB Company PCB Making Services As being one of foremost PCB manufacturers based in China, MOKO Technology has actually been offering world market with quick turn excellent PCB prototype to production services at a reasonable price for 14 years. To provide consumers with more high quality and sophisticated PCBs, we’re devoted […]

SPI 3000 solder paste inspection video by Caltex SPI-3000 system

Fully automated 3D solder inspection with complete SPC functions. Fully programmable and one-click automated inspection 3D view for solder paste Data to SPC function included Caltex Scientific SPI-3000 model. www.caltexsci.com source How come is Solder Paste Inspection Very important? Solder Paste Inspection is usually carried out to inspect the solder paste deposits in the Printed […]