We deliver fast and secure Bluetooth low energy device customized solutions for modern businesses. Our services are around in the form of smart homes, automobiles, smart healthcare devices, fitness apps and industrial gadgets. MOKO is excited to work with partners to provide innovative Bluetooth and IoT device solutions.

Our Services

PCB design&layout and manufacturing
PCB assembly
Hardware R&D and manufacturing
Firmware and Software support: Help connect to your cloud server & provide SDK and Android & iOS app
Offer MQTT protocol
Enclosure design and manufacturing
Fast certification services



By eliminating Bluetooth’s limitations, MOKO’s IoT Devices solution is transforming the way industrial equipment manufacturers and solution providers approach industrial monitoring.


Bluetooth technology has a wide range of applications in smart home devices. MOKO is an expert in this field. We provide mature and reliable Bluetooth devices development services.


MOKO’s IoT Bluetooth Smart wearable device, with long range, point-to-point fitness device connectivity, for a seamless, low-cost Bluetooth IoT sports devices solution.


Long-range Bluetooth low energy Beacons gather data from end user devices and provide the proximity services – messaging and targeting – at a much-reduced cost, and level of complexity.

How to Work With MOKO

Project Requirement Discussion

Determine the cooperation intention, confirm the functional requirements

Project Evaluation

Discuss cooperation programs, and evaluate development cycle and costs.

Product Development

Hardware and software design, Module firmware development, APP research and development

Joint Debugging

Overall functions debugging and product stability testing

Mass production

Module procurement, PCB procurement and assembly, making the manufacture plan


By sea or By air Express delivery - door to door(DHL UPS TNT Fedex China Post EMS)