With MOKO Bluetooth mesh controller, users can easily incorporate it into the current light system without having to change the wire and original fixtures. It enable users to control LED lights from a mobile app. Available in single color, tunable white, RGB and RGBW.

Network Introduction

The bluetooth mesh network is a self-build up network by bluetooth node, the nodes in the signal coverage can be found automatically and extend the network range by its signal coverage.

Solution introduction

Technical Specifications:

Wireless : Bluetooth Mesh
Main components: NRF52832
Input voltage range :DC12-24V (could be customized )
Input connect type:Standard DC socket
Output connect type : Flexible output (could be customized)
Channels: 4 channel single/2 channel tunable white/RGB/RGBW
PCB size and enclosue: could be customized

Our Support

PCB design&layout and manufacturing
PCB assembly
Hardware R&D and manufacturing
Firmware and Software support: Help connect to your cloud server & provide SDK and Android & iOS app
Offer MQTT protocol
Enclosure design and manufacturing
Fast certification services

Function Introduction

1. Group control: Users can divide the devices in network into different groups for easy management

2. Separate control: Can individually control any device on the network.

3. Timers:Use timers to turn on or off the lights at particular times of the day or week.

4. Scene control: Users can edit the scene in advance, and apply to the network directly, such as warm color bedroom lights, mild corridor lights, bright living room lights.

5. DIY: The kaleidoscopic colors are available. Users can DIY the color, brightness and dynamic mode.

How to Work With MOKO

Project Requirement Discussion

Determine the cooperation intention, confirm the functional requirements

Project Evaluation

Discuss cooperation programs, and evaluate development cycle and costs.

Product Development

Hardware and software design, Module firmware development, APP research and development

Joint Debugging

Overall functions debugging and product stability testing

Mass production

Module procurement, PCB procurement and assembly, making the manufacture plan


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