Double Layers PCB

Double sided PCBs probably are the most common type PCB. They allow for the routing of traces around each other by jumping between a top and bottom layer by way of vias. The ability to cross paths from top to bottom greatly increases the circuit designer’s flexibility in circuits designing and lends itself to greatly increased circuit densities. This type of board is relatively low cost, but only allows an intermediate level of circuit complexity and does not lend itself to electromagnetic interference reduction techniques.

The advantage of double layers PCB:

  • More flexibility for designers;
  • Increase circuit density;
  • Relatively low cost;
  • Intermediate level of circuit complexity
  • Reduce board size.

Owing to its advantages, The main push of MOKO is double-sided PCBs. The double-sided PCB’s produced by MOKO are widely used in including power supplies, industrial control, relays control, converters, UPS system, LED lighting, hard drives, printers, mobile phone system, power monitoring, test equipment, amplifiers, traffic systems, Automotive dashboards, Vending machine and so on.

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