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$30 NanoPi M1 Plus is Smaller Than a Raspberry Pi

Main Features

It is hard to overpower the value on offer with a Raspberry Pi$38.31 at Amazon. You get yourself a very competent Linux PC in a charge card-sized package. But there are many areas where it can be enhanced, particularly, the void of in-built memory space. That’s where the NanoPi M1 Plus from FriendlyElec comes in. It’s wanting to compete with the Raspberry Pi by adding on in-built memory space. It is additionally two-thirds the size and only charges $29.99.

The 64-by-60millimeter NanoPi M1 Plus uses an Allwinner H3 quad-core Cortex A7 processor chip operating at 1.2GHz. That’s backed up by a Mali 400MP2 graphics processing unit operating at 600Megahertz coupled with 1GB of DDR3 RAM. Storage space can be improved utilizing a microSD memory card, but different from the Raspberry Pi, this single PCB board comes with 8GB of eMMC storage space as standard. That’s more than adequate for an operating system.

On top of that, FriendlyElec presents support for running Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Core, and even Debian. There’s also a Gigabit Ethernet interface, 802.11b/g/n wifi, an Infrared sensor, Bluetooth 4.0, microphone, HDMI v1.4 designed with support for all the way to 1080p image resolution output, 3 USB 2.0 ports, Micro-USB for power, together with power and reset control keys. The 40-pin GPIO is additionally working with the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO.

For $30 you’ll have the board, a power cable, and aerial. You will find there’s a selection of optional accessories to order which include a 5Megapixel camera module, heatsink, GPS module, 3-axis digital compass, and others indicating FriendlyElec intends to hit the ground running against the recognized Raspberry Pi line-up.

It looks the NanoPi M1 Plus will unlikely challenge the Raspberry Pi’s prominence, but that is in no small part mainly because of the Pi already developing a proven ecosystem surrounding it. If all you need is a tiny single-board desktop computer, yet, the NanoPi definitely is worth a look.


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NanoPi M1 Plus: Μικροσκοπικό PC που τρέχει Ubuntu

FriendlyElec releases Ubuntu Linux-ready NanoPi M1 Plus — a $30 Raspberry Pi killer

FriendlyElec releases Ubuntu Linux-ready NanoPi M1 Plus — a $30 Raspberry Pi killer

Official Website: http://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=176

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