MOKO is an ISO 9001 registered full-service Contract Manufacturer (CM), We have over 17 years experience in China developing custom manufacturing solutions, committed to the highest standards of excellence in quality and manufacturing. In conjunction with our NPI services, We offer its customers a highly integrated environment to move from prototype to production in dramatically compressed time frames.

We have reached a universal structure with modern management systems, innovative technologies and use of ERP. Customers could check the order status by themselves via our system.


PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

MOKO has its own UL-listed PCB Manufacturing factories(File Number: E501497). We can meet your PCB technical requirements. Our PCB Factory can manufacturer 10,000 square meters PCB per day, and 400,000 pcs monthly.

PCB Assembly

Fine pitch assembly down to 0201 size
High accuracy placement-down to 4mil(0.1mm) pitch devices
SMT Assembly
Single or double-sided placement
Cable & Harness Assembly


1. Visual inspection after SMD Process
2. Automated optical inspection (AOI) after visual inspection
3. Electronic test – probe test
4. Automated X-Ray Inspection(AXI)
5. Function Testing with test jig
6. Final visual inspection

Product Assembly Services

1. Electro-Mechanical Assembly
2. Enclosure assembly
3. Package assembly
4. Packaging

Quality Control

Utilizing our proprietary tracking system, MOKO operates a rigorous five-stage quality control system that includes: incoming article inspection, in-process quality control, first article inspection, final inspection and out-of-box audits.

PCB Manufacture & Assembly 

MOKO provides the one-stop PCB assembly service from PCB board Fabricate, components sourcing, PCB assembly service till function testing & products assembly. We always produce customers’ products based on our ISO Certificate standard.

SMT production capacity: 8 SMT Lines(10 million chips per day(0402, 0201 with 8 million per day)
DIP production capacity: 3 Production Lines(1.2 million pcs per day)
3 Production Lines for enclosure assembly(Each line has 15 assemblers and 2 quality control engineers)