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OLED, Wire-less CHARGING, AND PCB PROBLEMS Cause problems for IPHONE 8

Rumor gives no straightforward hint of what on earth is causing the claimed delays

A most up-to-date report states that Apple and its supply chain are experiencing a rather difficult time building the iPhone 8 and getting everything in the device to work very well. The Motley Fool reports that Apple vendors making essential components such as the OLED screen, wire-less charging devices, and PCBs have found construction problems with the device,

The report says that Samsung is having a hard time providing the screens that Apple is needing to use in the iPhone 8. Nevertheless, the report stops short of sharing just what the issues stalling the iPhone screen are. The wire-less charging parts are proving challenging as well as mentioned by the report.

These wireless charging parts are getting hot and the vendor is having a hard time picking up a fix for the overheat trouble. At a more basic level, the PCBs are likewise considered to be troublesome for Apple. The challenges with these PCBs are undiagnosed with the report stating the vendor isrunning into problemswithout any evident hint of what those problems are.

All of these issues and delays are not even counting the long said problem getting the fingerprint scanner to work under the front screen glass. These delays have resulted in hypothesis that Apple is probably not in a position to launch the iPhone 8 until Oct or November of this year. These slow downs aren’t expected to hurt Apple financially, simply just shift sales and profits to later quarters.

In spite of this, a major holdup will give competing merchandise time to go to market and vie for the money for shoppers all around the world. Rushing the device would be worse than a delay though as many have belittled Apple over the past few years of launching goods that are uninspiring and provide only marginal innovations over earlier generations.

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