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Banana Pi BPI-M3 Review – Android 5.0 L and Ubuntu Mate Demo

This is a review on Banana Pi BPI-M3 with octa-core processor and 2GB RAM. The M3 can run Android L and Linux distributions including Ubuntu Mate. Banana Pi BPI Website: Banana Pi BPI Forum: Music ArtistKajiura Yuki Under Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, this video […]

banana pi BPI-M3 QT support on android

BPI has been working with QT on developing QT Linux OS. We’ve developed some Android Apps which could be used on the BPI-M3 running Android. We’re looking forward to having more developers join us. source $30 NanoPi M1 Plus is Smaller Than a Raspberry Pi It is hard to overpower the value on offer […]

Sunxi-Cedrus VPU Driver on the C.H.I.P.

As part of an internship for Free Electrons in the summer 2016, I developped a sunxi-cedrus v4l2 m2m kernel driver and a sunxi-cedrus-drv-video libVA backend enabling hardware accelerated video decoding on Allwinner SoC. This demo has been shot while playing a MPEG2 demo file on the Next Thing Co.’s C.H.I.P. with a mainline Linux 4.8 […]

banana pi bpi tools commondbpi-get to download BPI Images

banana pi bpi tools commondbpi-get to download BPI Images source $30 NanoPi M1 Plus Has a Smaller Footprint Than a Raspberry Pi It’s hard to overpower the value available with a Raspberry Pi$38.31 at The amazon online marketplace. You receive a very capable Linux PC in a charge card-sized package. But there are […]

Comparáid sú craobh Pí Zero, Orange Pi Zero und Nano Pí NEO

Comparáid idir na ríomhairí bord amháin sú craobh Pí Zero, Orange Pí Zero agus nana Pí foinse NEO $30 NanoPi M1 Plus An bhfuil Lorg níos lú Ná mar a Pí sú craobh Tá sé deacair a shárú an luach ar fáil go héasca le Pí sú craobh $ 38.31 ag Amazon. Fhaigheann tú an-in ann Linux Ríomhaireachta in cárta-iarrachtaí pacáiste aisce. ach tá […]