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Hardware Hacker #9 Highlight

We are hardware hacker group in Thailand. Learn more about us at In this event you will have chance to learn about following single-boards and Topics. 1. WIFI Technology Hacking and Protection 2. GSM Mobile Technology Hacking Risk and Protection with Motorola C121 3. Nvidia Jetson (Create Super Computer with Jetson) 4. 3D Printing […]

Bluetooth Low Energy BrowserBeaglebone Black and Arduino

Wireless remote display for Arduino and Beaglebone Black. Simulates 16×2 LCD / keypad combination in wide use. Uses Bluetooth Low Energy. Adafruit board for Arduino and homemade cape for Beaglebone Black. Demonstrates browsing for services. foinse gnóthachain BeagleBone Black $50 4.3-caipín orlach touchscreen gnóthachain Cape BeagleBone Black $50 4.3-inch cap touchscreen Cape BeagleBone Black Wireless […]