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Líonraí Braiteoir le Java SE leabaithe agus Java(FX)

Is iad líonraí braiteoirí ar an mbealach le dul má tá tú chun monatóireacht a dhéanamh sonraí comhshaoil ​​cosúil le teocht i réimse leathan. De ghnáth, ní mór duit roinnt bonneagar, lena n-áirítear freastalaithe chun cumarsáid a dhéanamh, stóráil sonraí, agus a leithéid agus a bhainistiú ar an líonra agus a chur ar na sonraí atá ar fáil braiteoir. Léiríonn an seisiún conas a d'fhéadfadh tú a thógáil braiteoir […]

Lua on the ESP8266Part 1

This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how to flash the nodeMCU LUA Firmware to the ESP-1 (ESP8266) and to test if it works. The actual programming is shown in Part 2: EDIT: Find the firmware here now: source OLED, Corda nÁIRÍTEAR lú, AND PCB Board Difficulties Affect IPHONE 8 Rumor offers no obvious […]

DIY Apple Watch VLC Control App /Arduino+ESP8266

Make your own VLC or any media player control app for Apple watch. For more details, check this instructable: source OLED, NÁIRÍTEAR Wire saor in aisce, AND Printed Wiring Board Challenges Create problems for IPHONE 8 Rumor delivers no evident indication of precisely what is inducing the claimed delays A most recent report claims that Apple […]

Fingerprint Scanner Project! So many possibilities!

Kickstarter Campaign: FPS Library By: Josh Hawley More info on the FPS library can be found here: source OLED, Wire-níos lú nÁIRÍTEAR, AND PCB PROBLEMS Cause problems for IPHONE 8 Rumor gives no straightforward hint of what on earth is causing the claimed delays A most up-to-date report states that Apple and its supply […]

Alpine LinuxTutorial: Athbhreithniú, Instalação e Configurações Básicas

Olá Homelabers! Nesse video apresento a vocês e demonstro como instalar e configurar a distribuição Linux – ** Alpine Linux **( Esse é o primeiro tutorial de instalação do Alpine Linux em Português no Youtube. ******************* LINKS DO VIDEO *********************** ### LINK DO POST NO HOMELABER: ### FACEBOOK: ### Twitter: @homelaber ### […]

Beaglebone BlackWeb Server Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates how to setup the Beaglebone Black as a web server to host a webpage. The Beaglebone Black is running a Debian distribution of Linux with Apache web server pre-installed. This tutorial is adapted from the web server tutorial presented on ► Website: ► Facebook: source BeagleBone Black […]

BEAGLEBONE: Getting StartedWindows USB Network Adapter Setup Tutorial

This video looks at getting started with the Beaglebone Black using the USB network adapter that allows you to use the BBB without having to install it within a network. Mar sin,, the BBB can be connected to the desktop PC using only one USB cable, which provides power and Internet connectivity. This is a video […]

NanoPi-M3: 8 blazing cores, but… // Athbhreithniú

The NanoPi-M3 has 8 1.4GHz ARM cores. That’s all well and good, but can you actually use this small SBC? Find out in this video! OpenBenchmarking results: More Info: Support Me: Patreon: Feedback Me: Ríomhphost: Follow Me: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: GooglePlus: Pinterest: Tumblr: Feed: […]

Beaglebone TutorialsSetting up TP-Link wifi on Beaglebone Black Ubuntu 14.03/ sú craobh Pí

This is a tutorial on setting up the TP-Link TL-W725N Wifi Adapter driver on beaglebone black. The link to github repo: Also the wifi should be powered by the 5V-2Amp adapter to work otherwise it will not work with usb power. foinse gnóthachain BeagleBone Black $50 4.3-caipín orlach touchscreen gnóthachain Cape BeagleBone Black $50 […]

Orange Pi Zero: Better than the Raspberry Pi Zero? // Athbhreithniú

Packed with features and a price point to take on the humble Pi Zero. Does it have enough features and support to challenge the mainstay of SBCs? Armbian images: More Info: Support Me: Patreon: Feedback Me: Ríomhphost: Follow Me: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: GooglePlus: Pinterest: Tumblr: […]