Hardware Design & 공학

MOKO has strong expertise in embedded hardware development, such as Internet of Things(만약 IoT) design, including hardware design and software design. With a full staff of PCB engineers and designers, we are fully equipped to meet your requirements.

PCB Schematic and Layout
Design Services

Electronics Architecture

Depending on your requirements, our engineers will discuss the electronics architecture for your product in the project meeting, and choose the most suitable electronics architecture.

Component Selection

Component selection is a critical process that enables the circuit to perform its intended operation. Our engineers will ensure the components qualification, reduce the costs, and design for manufacturability.

PCB Design and Layout Development

With our extensive PCB design services, schematic capture experience and library, MOKO will make certain that your design is manufacturable(DFM), even with 0201-sized components and 0.1mm-pitch BGAs.

테스트 & 디버깅

MOKO는 테스트 커버리지를 극대화하기 위해 디자인 레이아웃 단계에서 스캔 체인을 구현합니다. 우리는 또한 테스트 프로그램을 개발, 테스트 및 조립 프로토 타입을 디버깅을위한 BIST 및 테스트 설비, thus ensuring the delivery of a prototype set that is fully tested and ready to power-up for functional evaluation.

Free Samples

MOKO offers its clients a small number of tested prototypes on a quick turnaround basis.

Certificate Services

MOKO provides professional certification/compliance test for customers. We work closely with SGS and UL to provide UL, ETL, EC, FCC, RoHS certification according to customers’ specific requirements.

Mechanical Development

MOKO is an engineering and manufacturing service company with a team of highly skilled and experienced mechanical engineers provides complete mechanical design services whether you need to design a new product, or update and improve an existing design. Leveraging the latest in CAD technology, we can refine assemblies to optimize your mechanical design for functionality, manufacturability and thermal constraints.