We care about our clients to maintain long-run partnership with them and achieve the best results at every stage of the product journey.

Our customers come from a broad array of industries. Some are seasoned technology or soft goods companies while others are newcomers to hardware and technology. We use our extensive engineering, development, manufacturing and distribution experience to help them optimize their brand promise.

Our Clients

Review: “We have used MOKO for some highly complex and demanding PCB layout requirements. Working in harsh environments we maintain a strict configuration control process on all of our PCB designs. MOKO Technology Ltd was extremely professional and had a lot of experience which helped us to manufacture cards on time and to budget”.

Review: “Excellent customer service at MOKO Technology Ltd is what keeps me coming back. As always, thanks so much for your help. Your quick responses are always really helpful, and the excellent customer service at MOKO is what keeps me coming back”.

Review: “The entire layout process from start to finish was very smooth. Black Stick was more than happy to work with our choice of PCB design package which helped when it came to schematic changes driven from the PCB layout.”

Review: “MOKO will implement the scan chain during the design layout phase to maximize test coverage. We also develop the test program, BIST and test fixtures for testing and debugging the assembled prototype, thus ensuring the delivery of a prototype set that is fully tested and ready to power-up for functional evaluation.”

Review: “the best option for Embedded engineering and PCB manufacture, they are professionals. We are very pleased with the PCB design and manufacture services offered by MOKO. Super fast service! MOKO service rivals PCB manufacturers here in the U.S. The online real-time status permitted us to monitor the production process.

Review: ” Had it not been for the timely support of MOKO group, my company would not have been able to produce such streamlined telecommunication services. I would like to thank them for their help and support and would definitely like to recommend them to my colleagues. “