With prototypes, manufacturing, parts, assembly and production included, we offer complete electronic assembly services. We have a complete range of electronic component placement devices, soldering equipment.

PCB Assembly


SMT production line: 8 SMT production lines, factory area 6000m2
All SMD placements are AOI inspected
High-end equipment: YAMAHA/JT, AOI/SPI/XRAY, etc
As small as 0.4mm pitch, all BGA placements are X-ray inspected
Full BOM material supply: RC / bead / inductor / connector / crystal / diode /transistor, etc in stock
Minimum package: 03015, 0201, 0402
One-stop hardware innovation platform: PCB design, board manufacturing, patch assembly, component supply;.

PCB Assembly Flow

PCB Production Equipment

Main Production and Inspection equipment (8 SMT LINE 3DIP LINE)

Full-automatic Screen Printer DSP1008

Yamaha YG200 SMT Equipment

Yamaha YV88-XG SMT Equipment

Yamaha YV100XGP SMT Equipment

SMT Production Line

VCTAB486 AOI Equipment

Production Assembly line

Soldering Production Line

Reflow Soldering: XPM²820

Automatic Wave Soldering WS-4501

Automatic Insertion Machine

X-ray UNI-AX8200

Main PCBA Equipments List

ITEM Device Name Model Manufacturer Qty Remarks
1 Full Automatic Screen Printer DSP-1008 DESEN 8
2 SMT Machine YG200 YAMAHA 5 8 SMT Line
3 SMT Machine YV100XG YAMAHA 3
4 SMT Machine YG100XGP YAMAHA 19
5 SMT Machine YV88 YAMAHA 5
6 Reflow Soldering 8820SM NOUSSTAR 4
7 Reflow Soldering XPM820 Vitronics Soltec 3
8 Reflow Soldering NS-800 II JT 1
9 Solder Paste Inspection REAL-Z5000 REAL 1
10 Automatic Optical Inspection System B486 VCTA 3
11 Automatic Optical Inspection System HV-736 HEXI 5
12 X-Ray AX8200 UNICOMP 1
13 BGA Re-work MS8000-S MSC 1
14 Universal 4*48-pindrive concurrent multiprogramming system Beehive204 ELNEC 3
15 Automatic Plug-In machines XG-3000 SCIENCGO 2
16 Automatic wave soldering system WS-450 JT 1 3 DIP LINE
17 Automatic wave soldering system MS-450 JT 2


We have got the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, RoHS, and UL listed.