MOKO provides 2-50 layered PCBs for fabrication, including HDI, Rigid, Rigid-Flex, & flex boards. From low quantity to mass production, with high quality, and quick turn available at a low cost. With one of the top PCB manufacturer in China, we adhere strictly to manufacturing rules to maintain quality control.

Our factory was updated with high quality equipment. Our core machines were all bought from mainstream manufacturers. The core equipment, quality system, personnel management are in line with first-class PCB factories.

PCB Production Equipment

Etching line

Automatic Optical
Inspection line

CNC Drilling Machine line

Copper sink line

Electroplating production line

Exposure Machine Line

Foaming Machine

Fully automatic
inspection machine

PCB Technical Capabilities


We have got the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, RoHS, and UL listed.