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OLED, Drut darmo ŁADOWANIE, AND Printed Wiring Board Challenges Create problems for IPHONE 8

Rumor delivers no evident indication of precisely what is inducing the claimed delays

A most recent report claims that Apple and its supply chain are experiencing a relatively hard time building the iPhone 8 i coraz wszystko w urządzeniu funkcjonować we właściwy sposób. The Motley Fool reports that Apple providers producing vital components including the OLED display screen, cord-less charging devices, and Printed Wiring Boards have discovered construction issues with the product,

The report claims that Samsung is having a hard time supplying the display screens which Apple is wanting to utilize in the iPhone 8. Z drugiej strony, the report stops short of explaining what exactly the issues postponing the iPhone display screen are. The cord-less charging modules are proving troublesome also according to the report.

These wireless charging units are getting hot and the provider is having a difficult time picking up a solution for the overheat challenge. Na bardziej istotnego poziomu, the Printed Wiring Boards are also reportedly troublesome for Apple. The challenges with these Printed Wiring Boards are strange with the report indicating the provider is “działa na problemy” with no evident indication of what those problems are.

All these issues and delays are not even counting the long said problem getting the fingerprint sensor to operate under the front screen glass. These delays have led to speculation that Apple probably are not able to launch the iPhone 8 do października lub listopada tego roku. These slow downs aren’t expected to do any harm to Apple economically, simply just transfer sales and profits to later quarters.

Nadal, a considerable holdup will give competing goods time to come to market and vie for the money for buyers around the globe. Rushing the device would be worse than a postponement though as many have criticized Apple within the last several years of bringing out products that are uninspiring and offer only limited improvements on top of prior generations.

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