Sensor networks are the way to go if you have to monitor environmental data such as temperature in a wide area. Usually you need some infrastructure, including servers for communication, data storage, and the like and to manage the network and make the sensor data available. This session shows how you could build a sensor network, including the infrastructure, based on embedded devices only. It uses several embedded devices such as a Raspberry Pi, a BeagleBone Black, a Cubieboard2, and an i.MX6-based Cubox-i. The idea is to use cheap standard devices in combination with Java technology to realize a sensor network. Navyše, it shows mobile clients, such as a smartwatch, for visualizing the sensor network data.

Gerrit Grunwald
Gerrit Grunwald is working as a software engineer at Canoo Engineering AG (Basel, Switzerland). He is responsible for visualizations of all kinds. His technical interests include Java desktop software development and specifically the subareasJavaFX, Java Swing and HTML5 controls.
He‘s a decent frequent blogger, founder and leader of the Java User Group in Münster (Germany), where he‘s also living.
He has been involved in the IT industry since 1996, when he started studying Applied Physics at the University of Applied Sciences Münster (Germany).
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BeagleBone Black zisky $50 4.3-palcový dotykový displej cap Cape

BeagleBone Black zisky $50 4.3-palcový dotykový displej cap Cape


BeagleBone Black Wireless hurries up development

When you’re thinking of development boards, nie je to len o Arduino a Raspberry Pi. TI-friendly BeagleBone je tam v mixe, tiež, struggling for your attention

Which is a justified reason to talk about some developments around the BeagleBone Black single-board computer: je tu nová verzia a 2 Nové Capes z tímu BeagleBone.

Rovnako ako BeagleBone Black Wireless (listed below), you will also find 2 brand new ‘cape’ add-on boards for the existing BeagleBone Black.

BeagleBone Black Wireless

Foremost, the BeagleBone Black Wireless, which is for the most part a BeagleBone Black with on-board 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. Je nasledujúce trase Raspberry Pi 3 by building in Wi-Fi support to streamline wireless communications.

Its powerplant is the Texas Instruments Sitara AM3358 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8

"Podobne ako v prípade BeagleBone Black, bezdrôtový udržuje výstup HDMI, sériový port ladenia, Rozhranie USB PC, USB 2.0 hostiteľ, reset and power control buttons, a prináša 2 more status LEDs for WiFi and also Bluetooth,” states

“Also kept is the 4GB of on board eMMC memory with Debian Linux preinstalled, enabling the BeagleBone Wireless to boot in approximately Ten seconds and have you developing through the browser in fewer than Five min’s making use of simply a single USB cable.”

You can look at the specifics of the board by expanding the graphic above, and a data sheet is the following for download.

Vezmite na vedomie, že to znamená zavedenie Octavo OSD3358 sip, integráciu funkcie BeagleBone do jedného balenia BGA.

Go and visit its features and benefits with this weblink

Considering that we’re speaking about plastic card-sizes peices of kit, space is required to be made for extra features. This in essence means this particular BeagleBone has displaced its 10/100 ethernetový port, produkujúce priestor pre wi-fi rozhranie TI WL1835 WiLink.

Úplné špecifikácie:

:: AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8
:: SGX530 grafický akcelerátor
:: NEON s plávajúcou desatinnou čiarkou urýchľovač
:: 2x PRU 32bit 200MHz micro-controllers

možnosti konektivity
:: WiLink 1835 802.11b / g / n 2,4 GHz WiFi, bluetooth, a Bluetooth Inteligentné Module
:: klient USB: moc, ladenie a zariadení
:: USB host
:: výstup micro HDMI
:: 2X 46 kolíky

:: 512Megabyte DDR3 800Megahertz RAM
:: 4GB Inserted eMMC Flash with Debian Distribution pre-installed
:: Karta Slot micro sd

Software Compatibility
:: Debian
:: Android
:: ubuntu
:: Cloud9 IDE na Node.js w / knižnica BoneScript

Nesmieme zabudnúť ani na dva nové pláštenky ...

Bezdrôtové Cape addon

Notice that the new Wireless Cape takes BeagleBone Black above the abilities of BeagleBone Black Wireless, points out Steve Bush in his news piece on the release. It’s powered by Texas Instruments WiLink 8 (WL1837) industrial dual-band (2.4GHz & 5GHz), 2× 2 MIMO Wi-Fi, Bluetooth a Bluetooth Inteligentné (otherwise known as Bluetooth LE), that also comes with Zigbee and NFC.

The cape unfolds with Debian Distribution pre-installed and 4GB of on board eMMC Flash memory. “Designers might be developing employing their browser in less than Five min’s by means of just one single USB cable,"Odpovedal Farnell.

Displej mys addon

Note there’s yet another Display cape addon sold. It provides connections for a 4.3in. color touch-screen an LED backlight and capacitive overlay “for a mobile-like interface”.

The cape is aimed at interactive projects, embedded systems and standalone set ups.


Pricing is approximately £55 for the BeagleBone Black Wireless, £35 for the display cape addon as well as, £44 for the wireless cape addon .

Purchase on Amazon . com site

BeagleBone Black Wireless Starter Kit- obsahuje : BeagleBone Black Wireless S Wi-Fi a Bluetooth–clear Case–Zdroj–Micro USB kábel

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