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PandoraBar – A Stand Alone Pandora Radio Client

I love the internet service Pandora Radio, so I decided to make a need little radio. Instructions on how to make your own (coming soon) at the links below. Inside is a Beagleboard running Ubuntu 12.4, using the CLI Pandora client Pianobar. A PIC24 microcontroller takes care of the buttons and LCD. It took about […]

Beaglebone Black Digital Radio with RTL-SDR and Wifi

A Beaglebone Black based radio I created in March 2014, as part of element14’s BBB Radio Challenge. It has the possibility to play web radio or tune in on FM radio frequencies using an RTL-SDR dongle. A full blog on the project can be found here: http://www.element14.com/community/community/designcenter/single-board-computers/blog/2014/03/25/beaglebone-black-radio-challenge–part-5-project-finalisation For more videos, guides, projects and reviews: Website: […]