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Помаранчевий Pi нуля: Better than the Raspberry Pi Zero? // огляд

Packed with features and a price point to take on the humble Pi Zero. Does it have enough features and support to challenge the mainstay of SBCs? Armbian images: HTTP:// More Info: HTTP:// Support Me: Patreon: HTTPS:// Feedback Me: E-mail: Follow Me: YouTube: HTTPS:// Facebook: HTTPS:// Twitter: HTTPS:// GooglePlus: HTTPS:// Pinterest: HTTPS:// Tumblr: HTTPS:// […]

BEAGLEBONE: Adding USB Wi-Fi & Building a Linux Kernel

In this video I go through the steps required to build the Linux kernel for the Beaglebone and show the steps that are required to deploy the kernel to an existing distribution. I download the Ubuntu Arm minimal distribution and deploy it and the kernel together. I then show how we can get Wi-Fi working […]

Raspberry Pi 3 Single Board Computer Alternative | NanoPi M1 For $16

The NanoPi M1 is a low cost alternative (16USD) alternative for the Raspberry Pi 3 board. It’s capable of running Linux distributions including Android OS. Also great product for DYI (do it your self) projects in IoT , robotics etc.. – Get it Here: HTTP:// more Chinese Tech visit: HTTP:// source $30 NanoPi […]

Beaglebone Black (HD) – Streaming Images from a USB Webcam over WiFi

HTTP:// This tutorial shows how to stream images captured from a USB camera using the Beaglebone Black (ВВВ) to a remote computer over the WiFi network. Images are captured in raw PPM format, converted to JPG and then transferred over the network, using a UDP socket connection, for viewing on another computer. This setup is […]

Beaglebone Black – USB WIFI & TP LINK WN725N

Step By Step install driver usb wifi model TP-LINK WN725N apt-get update apt-get install lsb-release apt-get install git apt-get install make apt-get install gcc apt-get install build-essential python-dev python-pip python-smbus -y apt-get install chkconfig apt-get upgrade mkdir ~/beaglebone-ubuntu-scripts cd ~/beaglebone-ubuntu-scripts wget chmod +x ./ reboot cd /usr/src cd linux-3.8.13-bone67 make oldconfig make prepare […]

Cyber Dump 26 / goTenna Mesh Network, BeagleBone Wireless, Farmbot, 21 Machine Web

Welcome to Cyber Dump number 26, your weekly look at what’s been happening in this insane age of technology that we live in. Як завжди, all source links mentioned are below. All footage used is under fair use guidelines for news and comment. —————- Shop: HTTP:// Patreon: HTTP:// BTC: 17HqC7ZzmpE7E8Liuyb5WRbpwswBUgKRGZ Newsletter: HTTP:// Bitmessage: BM-2cVJksPWHTyGHcdn9PRm6W5u77eyfkeNsK —————- […]

Beaglebone Black (HD) – Real-Time 3D орієнтація від ІРУ по Wi-Fi

HTTP:// У цьому підручнику показано, як взаємодіяти з MPU-6050 ІРУ з InvenSense за допомогою Beaglebone Black (ВВВ). ІРУ виконаний з можливістю виведення даних у вихідному форматі кватернионов, Дані зібрані з ІРУ по шині I2C на 100 Гц і передаватися по Wi-Fi для ілюстрації на 3D GUI відображення поточної орієнтації […]

Beaglebone Black Digital Radio with RTL-SDR and Wifi

A Beaglebone Black based radio I created in March 2014, as part of element14’s BBB Radio Challenge. It has the possibility to play web radio or tune in on FM radio frequencies using an RTL-SDR dongle. A full blog on the project can be found here: HTTP:// For more videos, guides, projects and reviews: веб-сайт: […]

Getting Started with the Beagle Bone Black

Ben tries out the Beagle Bone Black and shows you what he learns along the way. He shows how to get it set up, three ways to connect to it, and tries out a cool LCD cape. By the time he’s done experimenting, he’s got an idea for how he’ll use the Beagle Bone Black […]

Wifi Wireless Internet on the BeagleBone Black, “Як” підручник

A BeagleBone Black is connected to the internet via WiFi. Below is the code used in this video: 1) Update and Install the driver install (my hardware is linksys WUSB54GC): apt-get update && apt-get install firmware-ralink 2) Reboot: reboot 3) Edit file (yu can use nano): Sudo нано / і т.д. / мережа / інтерфейси 4) Must be added the next […]