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Rumor provides no obvious indication of exactly what is creating the claimed delays

A most current report says that Apple and its supply chain are having a very tough time building the iPhone 8 and getting everything in the device to operate the right way. The Motley Fool reports that Apple providers producing essential components like the OLED display screen, cordless charging accessories, and PCB Boards have discovered construction difficulties with the product,

The report says that Samsung is having a difficult time shipping the displays which Apple is needing to use in the iPhone 8. З іншого боку, the report stops with no outlining just what the issues stalling the iPhone display screen are. The cordless charging components are proving difficult likewise based on the report.

These wireless charging modules are getting hot and the provider is having a difficult time picking up a fix for the overheat challenge. At a more basic level, the PCB Boards also are considered troublesome for Apple. The issues with these PCB Boards are unknown with the report claiming the provider is “працює з проблемами” with no straightforward indication of what those problems are.

These issues and delays are not even including the long rumored problem getting the fingerprint reader to function under the front screen glass. These delays have resulted in speculation that Apple most likely are not capable to launch the iPhone 8 до жовтня або листопада по 2017. These slow downs aren’t expected to cause harm to Apple financially, just simply move earnings to later quarters.

Yet, a substantial delay will give competing products time to come to market and vie for the money for consumers all around the world. Rushing the device would be worse than a delay though as many have belittled Apple throughout the last several years of bringing out items which are uninspiring and provide only limited upgrades on top of past generations.


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