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PCB Producing Shenzhen

PCB Producing Services

Being one of foremost PCB manufacturers based in China, MOKO Tech has actually been offering world market with quick turn professional quality PCB prototype to production services at a cheap price for Fourteen years. To present clients with more qualified and hi-tech PCBs, we’re dedicated to staying with the strictest standards at the time of our PCB production process, we’re definitely compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 Система управління якістю.

We’re in the position to provide you with an automatic price quote for your custom PCB requires with the help of our web-based PCB calculator. Aside from that, we offer PCB making inspirations, PCB layout guidelines from best PCB design firms and PCB press on our weblog now and then. We’re satisfied with our good historical past up to now and that our shoppers are thrilled with our excellent quality boards, punctual delivery, fair prices and quality service.

PCB Assy Services

Electronic Board Assy Shenzhen

To deliver added value and benefits to our PCB making purchasers, we supply reliable turnkey PCB assemblage service. We buy high standard parts and stencils to offer an assortment of high level PCB assemblage mounting services including surface mount technology(SMT),через отвір технології(THT), as well as hand-operated placement:

-Excellent quality assemblage services with short lead times
-No minimal order volume needed
-No added charge for stencils
-Costless engineering review
-Total AOI examination and X-Ray test for BGAs package
-Functional tests based upon custom requirements

Ми служили сотні клієнтів по всьому світу, і ваш наступний партнер може бути нам. у нас все готово, щоб привести свій бізнес або проект на наступний рівень!

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