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Bring your ideas to life by our ODM and OEM services.
We can support you from end to end of your product life cycle.

OEM ODM Services

Cá nhân

Create unique, on-demand products at scale that delight your customers.
MOKO provides a variety of services that allow our customers to personalize products for customers-of-one.

Mạng nhà cung cấp

We focus on supplier qualification and development, and components management, from standard components to non-standard components. Such as capacitance, resistance, kết nối, chips, cables&wires, enclosures, hardware fittings, package,vv.

Hàng tồn kho, Gói-Out & hoàn thành

MOKO helps our customers reduce the risks associated with excess inventory. We deliver direct to consumers or retail from China and provide real-time data at every stage of the supply chain path.

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Our commitment to sustainability sets us apart. We partner to optimize for sustainability
across our operations. The right way to do business.