We designed and fabricated a 6 legged mobile robot controlled using a BeagleBone Black having 3 Degrees Of Freedom (DOF) per leg. Implemented Inverse Kinematics for movement. Developed a Serial Servo Controller to control 20 servos. Implemented remote control over WiFi networks using SSH protocol and video streaming over WiFi from onboard pan & tilt webcam for surveillance. umthombo

BeagleBone Black uzuza $50 4.3-intshi cap zokuthinta isikrini Cape

BeagleBone Black uzuza $50 4.3-intshi cap zokuthinta isikrini Cape


BeagleBone Black Wireless igijimisa ukuthuthukiswa

On the subject of development boards, akusiwona nje mayelana Arduino futhi okusajingijolo Pi. I BeagleBone TI-friendly lapho ukuxubana, kakhulu, fighting for your curiosity

Which is a good reason to emphasize some developments around the BeagleBone Black single-board PC: there is the latest version and 2 new Capes from the BeagleBone team.

Kanye BeagleBone Black Wireless (down the page), additionally, there are 2 new ‘cape’ add-on boards for the existing BeagleBone Black.

BeagleBone Black Wireless

For starters the BeagleBone Black Wireless, which is essentially a BeagleBone Black with in-built 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s following in the way of the Raspberry Pi 3 by building in Wi-Fi support to make easier wireless communications.

powerplant yaso Texas Instruments sitara AM3358 1GHz asekelwe Cortex-A8

“Similar to the BeagleBone Black, wireless elondoloza-HDMI okukhipha, serial kokulungisa amaphutha port, PC USB interface, -USB 2.0 aphethe, reset and power buttons, and includes 2 more status Led lamps for WiFi and Bluetooth,” writes BeagleBone.org.

“As well kept is the 4GB of built in eMMC memory with Debian Linux preinstalled, that allows the BeagleBone Wireless to boot in approximately Ten secs and have you developing via your web browser in below Five min’s making use of merely a single USB cable.”

You can find the details of the board by expanding the image earlier mentioned, and a data sheet is listed here for download.

Khumbula ukuthi uphawula ukwethulwa Octavo OSD3358 SIP, kuhlanganise BeagleBone nokusebenza kwelinye iphakethe BGA.

Take a look at its capabilities and positive aspects by this web page link http://www.mouser.com/new/octavo-systems/octavo-systems-osd335-sip/

Provided that we’re dealing with charge card-dimensions peices of kit, space must be made for additional features. It indicates this particular BeagleBone has lost its 10/100 i-Ethernet port, creating space for a TI WL1835 WiLink wi-fi interface.

The entire specification:

:: AM335x 1Gigahertz asekelwe Cortex-A8
:: SGX530 ihluzo namafutha
:: NEON elintantayo-iphuzu namafutha
:: 2x Pru-32-bit 200Megahertz micro-abalawuli

Izinketho Ukuxhumana
:: WiLink 1835 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz WiFi, I-Bluetooth, plus Bluetooth Smart Module
:: USB amaklayenti: amandla, kokulungisa amaphutha nedivayisi
:: USB aphethe
:: Micro High-definition multimedia interface output
:: 2x 46 pin izihloko

:: 512MB inkumbulo DDR3 800MHZ RAM
:: 4GB Inserted eMMC Flash with Debian Distribution pre-installed
:: Slot micro sdcard

Capability Software
:: Debian
:: Android
:: Ubuntu
:: Cloud9 IDE ku Node.js w / umtapo BoneScript

Plus le capes ezimbili ezintsha ...

Wireless Cape Addon

Keep in mind that the new Wireless Cape takes BeagleBone Black over and above the capacities of BeagleBone Black Wireless, points out Steve Bush in his news piece about the release. It is based upon Texas Instruments WiLink 8 (WL1837) zezimboni-dual-band (2.4GHz as well as 5Gigahertz), 2× 2 MIMO-Wi-Fi, BT ne-Bluetooth Smart (otherwise known as BT LE), which equally comes with Zigbee and NFC.

The cape comes with Debian Distribution pre-installed and 4GB of built-in eMMC Flash memory. “Developers can be developing employing their web browser in less than Five min’s with the help of just a single USB cable,"Kusho Farnell.

Khombisa izimpawulo Addon

Be aware there is additionally a Display cape addon available too. It has connections for a 4.3colour touch screen an LED backlight and capacitive overlay “for a mobile-like interface”.

ICape igxile amaphrojekthi interactive, embedded systems and stand-alone set ups.


Cost is about £55 for the BeagleBone Black Wireless, £ 35 ukuze Addon isibonisi izimpawulo futhi £ 44 for wireless izimpawulo Addon .

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BeagleBone Black Wireless Ikhithi yokuqalisa- Includes : BeagleBone Black Wireless Nge-Wi-Fi ne-Bluetooth–Sula Case–Ukunikezwa kwamandla kagesi–Micro USB encane

Esizisebenzisayo amakhulu amakhasimende emhlabeni jikelele futhi umlingani wakho olandelayo kungase kube nathi. thina konke sekulungile ukuletha ibhizinisi lakho noma iphrojekthi ezingeni elilandelayo!

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